Brand refresh for Spotify for Artists, a sub-brand of Spotify. The Creator-facing platform includes analytics, product updates, and industry news.

We were tasked with reshaping perception around Spotify for Artists, amplifying the platform and brand’s expansion beyond analytics, while borrowing visual equity from Spotify’s Consumer-facing masterbrand.

Working with stakeholders on the Spotify for Artists and Branding & Creative teams, we expanded the color palette, designed social templates differentiating content series from product marketing, and codified best practices in an updated brand book to share with internal and external partners.

Company: Spotify for Artists in—house
Role: Art direction and design
Year: 2020

Collaborators: Ellie Friedman, Sam Duboff, Dom Sanya, Rasmus Wangelin, Christine Andrén, Bokeh, Gimmick Studio, ROVE Lab

2021   Brooklyn, NY