Marquee Launch Campaign

Campaign art direction and design for video (full video link here), digital graphics, and a gift package for label teams, which included celebratory and noisy gifts such as speakers, champagne, and noisemakers.

Bold album artwork is framed within the Marquee UI and spills out of it in a spiral. The images and type fill up the composition, yet swirling animated transitions focus and direct the eye inward, parallel to the way Marquee draws listeners in.

Spotify for Artists | Campaign creative direction and design
Company: Spotify in—house
Role: Art direction, design and print production
Year: 2021

Collaborators: James Aviaz, Josephine Ruiz-Healy, Ellie Friedman, Kim Taylor Bennett, Alyssa Cotsalas, Katie Sharp, Sam Duboff, Amari McFadden, ROVE lab

2021   Brooklyn, NY